Funding Model

Lovedale currently extends support to about 3000 + beneficiaries in the community, including children, youth and women. The financial philosophy of Lovedale has been driven by three basic parameters –

  1. We should be an affordable centre for children and youth who are seriously exploring formal education opportunities, training & support.
  2. There should never be a specific criterion for admission for the needy.
  3. Lovedale should work as a high-end deliverable model that supports the vision for its target beneficiaries.

However, with the growing number of recipients of our programs, it is imperative for us to hire professionals who are subject matter specialists in their respective fields. These individuals also help us grow as an organization with their well-defined and meticulous inputs. Though hiring motivated experts certainly adds up to the administrative costs incurred by us, we do believe in maintaining the quality of our programs. However, as most donors look for low-administrative costs; it becomes a challenge for us to cater to both sides – excellence and expenditure.

The members of the Trust mandatorily contribute 20% of the annual budget towards the administrative expenses; hence, 100% the sponsorship directly help a child/youth for their academics/ training, food, health care and other maintenance. We work on simple campaigns and affordable donation modes to reach to every individual who wishes to make lasting difference.

Though ad hoc donations do not completely suffice all the running costs of the center (in a typical year cost per child is approximately Rs.28, 000/-), we still try to maintain our operations. Teachers’ are paid monthly, but their salaries are not market driven (a full time teacher earns about Rs 12000-30000/- per month). There is a touch of austerity in all our expenses, and we strive hard to reduce the administration expenditure.Our program funding is solely raised from individuals, corporate CSR and international grant agencies. You may visit our Programs Section to get more information of our funding partners.