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Following are the documents and records we maintain periodically

 Sl.No. Subject Current Status Remarks
1 HR Policy YES
2 Provident Fund for Staff Not yet To be introduced
3 Gratuity for Staff Not yet
4 Insurance for Staff – Medical Not yet
5 Insurance for Staff – Accident Not yet
6 Recruitment Committee YES
7 Recruitment Process YES
8 Job Contracts of individual Staff members duly renewed YES
9 Job Descriptions YES
10 Personal File of Staff updated YES
Yearly staff appraisal YES
Increments YES
11 List of Staff Members YES
12 Samples of Leave Applications YES
13 Attendance Register Biometric
14 Leave Register NA
15 Late Comers Register YES
16 Movement Register YES
17 List of Annual Holidays – National and Festival etc. YES
18 Samples of Travel Reimbursements and other reimbursements or benefits YES
19 Salary Register YES
20 Resignation Letters YES
Exit Interview
21 Gender Policy YES
22 PME Policy NO
23 HIV/AIDS Policy YES
24 Environment Policy YES
25 Financial Policy YES
26 Recruitment Policy YES
27 Child Protection Policy YES
28 Disability Policy YES
Workplace policy
29 Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) YES
30 Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) / Senior Management Team (SMT) YES
31 Core Development Cell, Development Advisory Board YES
32 Grievance Redressal Committee No
33 Vision and Mission developed & displayed in prominent places in the office building YES
35 Area Map YES
36 Working  Area Map YES
37 Details of Population covered YES
38 List of Board of Directors- Governing Body and General Body YES
39 Statutory Meetings Conducted YES
40 Statutory Filings & Renewals: FCRA, Income Tax, Registrar of Societies YES
41 List of Donors with Addresses YES
42 Projects handled so far – Donors and governments YES
43 Government Departments associated with YES
44 Society Registration Number NA
45 FCRA number YES
46 Income Tax Number – PAN, TAN, TDS Certificate, 80G, GST,12A, etc. YES
47 Property Tax Paid, Building Tax Paid YES
48 Rent / Lease Renewed- Main & Sub Offices YES
49 Budgets in the past YES
50 Annual Reports Published YES
51 Souvenirs NO
52 Printed Books and Materials like Leaflets YES
53 Organisational Culture Document NO
54 Assets –  Inventory Register YES
55 Assets Purchased – Bills YES
56 List of Assets Disposed off No
57 Vehicle Registration Certificates, Tax Paid Receipts, Insurance Policies, Emission Certificates & Renewals NA
58 Certificates on FDs, Postal Savings, Insurance, Any other… NA
59 Driving License of Driver employed NA
60 Vehicle Permits if any NA
61 Building related Documents – Sale Deed, Khata, etc. YES
62 Software Licenses and List of Computers / Laptops / LCDs, UPS, etc… YES
63 Renewal Of Annual Maintenance Contracts YES
64 Internet Connection Number YES
65 Telephone Numbers, Deposits Paid YES
66 Electricity Board Deposits YES
67 Water Connection Deposits YES
68 Gas Connection Deposits YES
69 Programme Registers YES
PME guidelines NO
Updated DPP NO
70 Project Files YES
71 Documents like Reports on Completed Projects YES
TOR for field visit YES
Trip report YES
72 Donor Correspondence YES
73 Case Studies YES
74 MIS Developed NO
Action plan for all the projects YES
Review of Action plan YES
75 Field Monitoring Tools & Reports YES
76 Sharing of Organisational Best Practices NO
77 Media Clippings on Programmes & Projects YES
78 Baseline Survey / disintegrated Data YES
79 Segregated Data (Districtwise, talukwise, Issuewise, etc…) NO
80 Secondary Data collected & Updated NO
Process Documentation
81 Website URL of the organization YES
82 Terms and Conditions of Hosting NO
83 Disclaimer NO
84 Server and Fees YES
85 Service Provider Details YES
86 Updating Website regularly YES
87 Organisational Emails & Passwords YES
88 Maintenance of Systems, LAN, etc… YES
  Finance policy
89 Installation of Tally Software & Version updated YES
90 Cash Book YES
91 Ledger YES
93 FDs, Postal Savings, etc… NA
94 Audited Balance Sheets YES
95 Auditor’s Reports YES
96 Financial Plans – Budgets YES
97 Annual Budgets & Cash Flows YES
98 Cheque Payment Register- Inward and Outward YES
99 Account Payee Cheques & Salary Slips YES
100 Professional Deductions YES
101 Payroll NO
102 Joint signature for  the withdrawal YES

All above documents can be produced /submitted with appropriate bodies as and when required