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How you can bring-in lasting change

We believe that every individual can make lasting changes in society. Now, by visiting this page, you are just few clicks away in changing a child’s future. Thus, hereby by we assure you not only the fulfillment of supporting a needy child, but the right to know how your support has made positive impact on his/her life.
All donations from Indian Donors are exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act. We request you to kindly mail us/call as soon as you have made an online donation. This would help us to track the donation and assist you with the relevant tax receipts. 

Donors,please note:-This is to inform the general public and the donor community in particular ,that LOVEDALE FOUNDATION is a registered NOT-FOR-PROFIT Organization based in Bangalore since 2001. It is a people driven organization, complying with all statutory requirements over the past 13 years. It has come to the notice of the Foundation that some individuals are indulging in collecting donations ostensibly for Lovedale, and requesting the donors to issue cheques and other instruments in favour of another beneficiary/account name, assuring that the end users will be the beneficiaries of Lovedale Foundation. Lovedale Foundation hereby disclaims receipt of any donations or contributions other than in its own name. Also,Kindly avoid all cash donations.  Lovedale Foundation does not entertain unsolicited claims on such donations. Any queries,call 98451-86941