The following organizations,Business Establishments have partnered with us on Pro Bono expertise as well as financial aid for effective  programs execution.

 Education          TFWA ,SSgA,Fidelity Financials India,Neilson Technologies,K12 video Boards.                                                     
 Nutrition  CAF, Cargil, TWFA, Service Max
Child sponsorship   HELP Foundation,USA
Sanitation Texas Instruments
 Healthcare   Sevamob
Mid day Meal   Akshaya Patra
Advertising and communications Stirred Creative
Auditors &Taxation  Ravi & Iyer Associates
Payment Gateway CCAvenue
Banking ICICI ,Canara,South Indian Bank


 PR                                                       Nucleus Public Relations                                                                                                                                                                                              
HR Clints Solutions
Facility Management Capstone services