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Visitors often bring gifts to the children. We strongly recommend you to read Lovedale Foundation Gifting Policy and NOT TO bring any gifts. Please avoid bringing old/new toys, candies, chocolates, fried junk food, and fizzy drinks.

We would request you to contact /call ON 98451-86941 or Mail Us before you visit, and inquire the current need of the children.
It could be a pair of socks, woolen sweater, or a bunch of tooth brush.
However, we are constantly in need of the below items.

  • Medical supplies, vitamins, droppers (with ml), skin medications, children’s fever medications,
  • Note books, work book, chart papers (different colors),bed sheets, pillow covers,
  • Music/video tapes or CD s of children’s music with battery-operated tape/CD player.
  • Art supplies – coloring books, crayons, markers.
  • School supplies – pencils, chalk, pads of paper or small notebooks, rulers, erasers, etc.

Please note:- No gifts are allowed to give directly to the children. The caretaker shall distribute to the children when the need arises. Every item brought in by the visitor, has to be entered in the register by the visitor and get the acknowledgement from the office before you leave the premises. Any bill / invoice available has to be attached with your register entry.

The following items shall not be accepted as donation at our center

  • Old clothes , Adult clothes /old and broken foot wears, Expired food items, unusable furniture
  • Old diaries, calendars , Cosmetics & Expired Medicines ,Unusable computers, electronic gadgets and any plastic items.