Below are the HR policy of the Foundation.We are serious with our work and expect high end quality deliverable from the employees.During probation,If found incompetent we immediately terminate the work contract. 

Code of Conduct

The work rules and code of conduct are very important, and the organization regards them seriously. All Employees are urged to become familiar with these rules and code of conduct and maintain a professional Work Culture. Any Employee who deviates from these rules and conduct will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment without notice.

Dress code


Formal shirt, pant, belt and shoe. Hair, beard, nails neatly trimmed and maintained.


Presentable Indian formal wear. No sleeveless tops /short skirts /short trousers/revealing clothes allowed


  • Employees are expected to arrive at work and for meetings on time.
  • If an employee anticipates late arrival he/she must inform the administrator/in the whatsap group in advance to allow for schedule changes and to handle coverage of working hours.
  • Repeat challenges with late arrivals will be recorded as misconduct in the employee’s file.
  • All employees including social workers/field staffs to be reported for duty every morning and then proceed to fields or necessary tasks.
  • The office uses a punching machine for attendance; three days late punch, will automatically result in the deduction of one-day’s pay at the end of the month.
  • The duty time may vary from projects, programs and departments. Check your timings with the appointment letter. Duty hours shall be strictly 8 hours.

Work Report / Log

Every Staff(apart from Security & Housekeeping) has to mandatorily submit the daily work report in the log format before leaving the office. All details of the work has to be mentioned in detail. Failing to submit the log will consider as absent for job on that particular day. If electricity/internet unavailability has to be mentioned in the log, next day.


No personal visitors and entertainments are allowed within the campus. Official, visitors has to be handled by prior authorized staffs only. Maintain the professional approach to visitors and avoid cracking jokes, bringing irrelevant topics for discussions, personal talks etc. Using visitors phones , gadgets for taking pictures unless asked for, is not allowed. Visitors must be provided drinking water by authorized person. Refreshments can be served, if asked for.

Weekly off.

All Sundays considered as weekly off and no casual leaves permitted unless on medical emergency. Medical certificate to be submitted.

Office Timing.

The work hours are from 09:30hrs to 17:30hrs on weekdays and 09:30hrs to 15:30hrs on Saturday. All staffs must enter the biometric prior to beginning of the days’ work. All staffs should maintain the 8 hours work period.

Banyan School Timing:-

School Will be functioning from 08.30 am to 03.30 pm on weekdays and 8.30 to 1.00 pm on Saturdays, 2nd and 4th Saturdays will be considered as school holiday, in case of any special occasions, teachers training/corporate visits, the holidays are liable to change/alter. Non teaching staff, including HM/Principal to be present during school holidays as well. Break time. Lunch break will be for 30 minutes. (1.30 pm-2 pm)


Overtime is not paid, but employees have to finish their day to day duties assigned to them and not carried over to next day.

Sick Leave

One casual leave with pay is permitted.Leaves on Mondays and Fridays will attract deduction of 2 days each.


Maternity leaves fall under LOP.

Public holidays:

All non teaching staffs will work on all days except Sundays. Holiday lists and dates changes year to year, hence avail a copy from office.  Staffs are allowed to take leave on their respective religious holidays, but will be considered as LOP. School holidays, and summer vacations are not applied to HM / Program/project/admin/non teaching staffs. All non teaching staffs work on Saturdays half day as well. Teachers shall avail summer vacation holidays, and Govt. declared school holidays. These are not applicable to Non teaching staffs including Principal and HM. School holidays are not applicable to project staffs/administrative staffs etc.  

Payments/consultations/honorarium fee

The Company pays Employees by way of a direct credit into the Employee’s salary/personal  account. Limitation on funds may cause delay in payment, however, the organization shall ensure the payment is disbursed on that particular month itself. No advance of salary shall be entertained. All staffs under resource department shall obtain their salaries only after submitting the report by 1st date of every month. Failing to meet the target shall attract necessary deductions.

Expenses Reimbursement.

Employees are eligible to claim reimbursements for expenses met for carrying out an official duty. Employee must submit the relevant bills/tickets etc for the same. Without producing these, reimbursement shall not be entertained.  Expenses incurred by an Employee must have prior approval by a Superior. All completed reimbursement request forms should be submitted every month end. No program bills/sponsorships/expenses are allowed to pay to vendor by any employee without written permission.  If made, with self interest no claims will be allowed.

  • Salaries are paid on or before 12th of every month.
  • All reimbursements are made on actual as per the bills/tickets submitted.
  • Without proper bills/tickets reimbursements are not allowed.
  • Mobile reimbursements are applied for specific positions only. Minimum payable would be Rs.250/-pm
  • Reimbursements are not paid along with salaries.

Staff Appraisal and Performance Evaluation.

The process of performance evaluation provides a systematic approach for communicating goals, expectations and objectives to each employee as well as documenting individual performance.

Performance evaluation is covered in three steps:

  • Goal setting. The supervisor and employee discuss and set performance expectations for the assessment period and sign off individual performance contracts as initially mentioned in the Job Description.
  • Performance review. Performance review is conducted periodically (semi annually) to assess individual performance and to take necessary action to remove bottlenecks and to provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Performance appraisal. Performance Appraisal is done based on careful consideration of employee performance for the assessment period by the Board

Local Conveyance / Allowance.

Conveyance on official trips are provided for staffs, who are on field work.

The applicability of Local Conveyance Allowance within duty station as well outstation station is applicable only for business purpose is as follows:

Two Wheeler Rs. 2.per KM (TRAVEL DETAILS TO BE ENTERED IN THE TRAVEL NOTE, failing which reimbursement not released) Vehicle maintenance costs are not born by comapny.

Public Transport as per the rate on the ticket produced. Hiring for cab/auto must be with prior permission by mail/group message only. No daily conveyance or bus pass provided to office staffs, but to prior permitted field social workers only.

 Positions/ appointments/ probation


All candidates are initially appointed for one year work contract. Employees who have successfully completed shall continue on mutual interest. All candidates must submit any one of the original certificates within 2 days of joining. (Marks card/SSLC Book/Adhar card/other relevant document)No photocopies/Xerox accepted. Company shall acknowledge the same and send for safe locker. Salaries are provided upon the submission of original documents. The documents will be returned on resignation/end of contract period.


The initial period of probation is for one month. During the probation, the organization shall observe the efficiency, punctuality and passion towards the work imposed on him/her. Within this period, if the employee is found incapable for the respective work, the contract shall be cancelled. Candidates fail during probation shall not receive the full payment.Employees have no right to question the management decisions on termination reasons. During probation, the organization does not provide notice period on contract termination.

Leave during probation Period.

 Employees are not eligible to take any leave when they are on probation or on notice period. Any leave taken during the notice period will be considered as leave on loss of pay three times more per day. All leave requests shall be submitted minimum one week prior on subsequent leave format. Abrupt requests for same calendar day on that particular day shall attract three days loss of pay.

Termination (Voluntary and Involuntary)

Termination takes place on the following.

  • Poor performance, repeated mistakes, unfinished work on assigned duties.
  • Being fraudulent, arrogance

An employee, who wishes to leave voluntarily, has to submit a resignation letter serving the organization with one month notice.

 If the employee does not serve the notice period, shall pay 2 months’ salary to the organization. An employee terminated by the company has to serve only 5 working days to handover the responsibility.

The dues of the last one month will be paid after 90 days of termination after getting relevant clearance. Damage, theft, irresponsibility on assets used by company shall attract penalty.

 On acceptance of resignation, a communication in writing shall be given to the employee with a copy to Accounts and other related departments for his/her full and final settlement of dues. All office equipment’s like computers, mobile phones, calculators, books, ID cards, uniforms etc have to be handed over to authorized persons and a report summary of pending and completed work must be submitted to the Manager. All employees shall submit one  cheque of their respective monthly salary amount to the finance department. If the notice period is not served, the company shall present the cheque for clearance.


Harassment,  including Sexual Harassment. The organization is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. If an Employee believes that s/he has been the victim of harassment, or knows another Employee who has, must report it immediately. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. Any Superior who becomes aware of possible harassment should promptly advise the Management or the Personnel Department who will handle the matter in a timely and confidential manner. Harassment will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment and/or filing of a legal suit if sufficient evidence calls for the same.

Donations/cash/cheque collections

No staff is allowed to do any kind of cash collection on behalf of organization, unless officially entitled to. However, some donors drop by project centers often donate by cash/cheque. Such collections has to be handed over to the accountant with donor details.


All official, legal, statutory information’s has to be maintained. All official mails has to be sent strictly by company id only. Browsing personal emails, Face book, you tube and other irrelevant websites during office hours within organization, not permitted. If found guilty a penalty of 100/- will be levied each time.

Sharing official documents with third party without written permission is not allowed. Using office internet for personal usage is punishable. Personal talks on mobile during office hours not allowed. Using office telephone for personal use is not allowed.


Official communication within the team must be through emails and random information’s through Lovedale official group in whatsap. No fun messages /obscene jokes/pictures/personal information’s are not entertained. Unanswered messages shall consider as irresponsible/arrogance and action will be taken. Messages addressed to specific staff are expected to  responded within 5 minutes from reading.

Formal complaint process

All complaints has to be by email to the ED (

Workplace Violence, organization defamation

Violence and organization defamation during the tenure as well as after leaving the job by mouth/social media/anonymous threats/anonymous calls/defamation will attract cyber/criminal/legal proceedings and newspaper/police intimation with photograph across the country.

Use of Company Equipment

Any company equipment used by staff has to be maintained and any damage /loss will attract penalty on the cost of it by the person in-charge of it/used it.

Any gadgets/devices provided to specific staff, will be responsible on its complete accountability. Excuses on damage/theft/loss will attract penalty/deduction according to the cost of the same.

Removing /rearranging /shifting office furniture’s are not allowed without permission. Each staff has to maintain their location provided and respect other chairs. Using colleagues laptops/systems/official phones are not allowed unless asked by authority.


Employees has to maintain complete discipline within the campus. No yelling / shouting screaming within campus. Using un-parliamentary words & terms shall consider as misfit to the position and will be terminated. Interrupting in others work and  disturbing them is punishable.

Agreement to the HR Policy and Contract

The Employer (Lovedale Foundation) and the Employee (………………………………………………………………………) hereby declare that they understand thoroughly the above provisions and agree to sign to abide by such provisions. They shall each retain a copy of this policy and contract for future reference.

Signature of Employee


Signature of Employer or Employer’s Representative



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