Like in many developing cities a rapid population growth and high rural-urban migration poses many environmental challenges in our community.. One of these is dry waste management. In adequate dry waste management has resulted in the accumulation of waste on open lands, in drains and in the living area of many people, causing a nuisance and foul-smelling pools, environmental pollution through leaches from piles (water and soil pollution) and burning of waste (air pollution), clogging of drains, and the possible spread of diseases. Unattended piles of waste are a breeding place for insects and rats. This situation is believed to result in poor environmental conditions and an ever-present risk of epidemics, which in turn present a formidable threat to health and productivity. There is thus a need for improved waste management.

Our model

Our core role is to build consciousness and inspire communities to adopt waste management practices We recognizes six major sources of solid waste: households, street, commercial institutes, industries, hotels and hospitals. Today, we are a registered organization that provides professional waste management solutions and services to industries, companies, schools, communities and apartments across Bangalore. Lovedale has an extremely comprehensive model in place that includes conducting a waste audit  to quantify the waste and map the existing infrastructure, providing customized recommendations and solutions, training and sensitizing the relevant teams, implementing the system and monitoring impact..

Corporate partnerships

Collaborations between companies and social enterprises can be mutually beneficial and an effective way of complying with existing laws and regulations. Lovedale’ extensive experience in working with companies demonstrates the values underpinning successful partnerships – genuine and deep commitment, clarity and sensitivity from the corporate and high quality, cost effective and professional services from the social enterprises. We partner with corporate and business establishments on the waste drive process. We are looking for more partners to join us for the cause.

What do we collect

  • Newspapers
  • Old clothes, blankets
  • Note books &Text Books
  • Magazines
  • E waste
  • Household items, appliances
  • Furniture & Furnishings
  • Toys
  • Vehicles

For partnering with us,please call 1800-1028-073 / 9980156003