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We believe Lovedale is one among the first few Non profits to be run as a successful business model and one of best charity organizations in India Bangalore. We apply corporate best practices in our day-to-day work . Our goals, projections and objectives are set out clearly. We  measure our performance against standards we have set for ourselves.

Lovedale follows goodness in all developmental aspects of a child from basic needs to food, nutrition, clothing and Education which makes Lovedale as Best charity organizations in India Bangalore. Our documentation practices ensures consistent high quality results. Our state-of-the-art analytical facilities monitor and maintain strict quality in providing life skills and personal counseling for children.

We have third party audit for our systems.All our programs are process driven.We strive to follow punctuality and professionalism in all our dealings.For those who study innovative organizations Lovedale will be a shining example of how innovation is practiced in almost everything that we do. Here are few things that set us apart:

“Impossible is an inspiring word” – Nothing turns on the leadership at Lovedale than this magical word. Again to put example, it was considered impossible to turn a barren land, away from the maddening crowd to a wonderland for children. Today children from Lovedale have reached junior colleges, aspiring techies and professionals.

“Hands on thinking, hands off execution.” – It is characteristic of Lovedale leadership. We think everything through and meticulous planning is our hall mark. When it comes to execution empowerment delegation down to the last employee in the chain is clearly demonstrated.

 “First time it is learning. Second time it is a mistake.” – Mistakes are never frowned upon; instead it is treated as a learning opportunity

 “Sense of urgency” – Lovedale speed is legendary now. Lovedale has mastered project management skills and has made it virtually into a fine art.

 “Think. Anticipate. Be prepared.” Part of meticulous thinking is the ability to anticipate problems. “Every transformation initiative will face resistance. It is our job to anticipate the resistance, take the responsibility to earn the respect of all stakeholders to create a win-win business model.”

 “Measuring success differently” – Developing a metric to measure how much money was spent, is just one example of inspiring people to think and act differently and effectively.

 “Asking the right questions.” – Lovedale Leadership excels in asking the right questions. The organization folklore is replete with examples of deceptively simple questions, leading on to incredible outcomes. Commonsense is the bedrock of such thinking.

It is evident that Lovedale is where it is today because of Innovation in thinking and execution. Given its ambition for India and its own organization Lovedale leadership has now taken on a major initiative in the innovation domain.

The leadership of LOVEDALE recognizes that its biggest competitive advantage and differentiation in the future would be innovation. Innovation has to become the language, the behavior definer, the culture and the soul of Lovedale, even more explicitly than ever before.