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Thought Oriented Actions

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Thought Oriented Actions

Every day has pages of story to tell, every action conveys the interest of the person, every face reflects millions of experiences.  Each moment of life is accompanied with millions of body movements which are directed by the stipulated thinking process. Thousands of foot step leads to a unit of length which makes a man to walk miles. Every face reflects thousands of experiences which deliver the melancholic end of an expression. Every day is unique and different from in its dimension moreover the day seems to be shorter due to busy (flow of million thoughts within a stipulated time) and extra large due to blockage of thought process due to stagnant emotions.



The person who is at the starting point of a running race is directed by a single emotion, single thought and focused body movements which deliver the best outcome in the running race. The disintegration of the organized action may occur due to diversion of thoughts and over stress on the body movements. One can reach to the maximum only by withdrawing the mismatching thoughts and regulating the flow of action because the thoughts are delivered into action.

The over reaction to the emotions through down into depression which is unappealing to the normal way of behaviour. As long as one travel to the extremes of a thought, the intensity of unwanted thoughts frozen the active mind.


NB: Each images in this write up conveys a lot of expression, flow of thoughts, body movements, focused action, extremes of diversion of minds and an unanticipated outcome. Watch closely and know the movement…….