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Our office is open from 9.30 AM -5.30 PM except Sundays.Our location is available on Google Maps.Those who wish to pay a visit,are requested to follow the map and reach us.Often we may not be able to guide you/driver over the phone.

We request all visitors to Lovedale Foundation Visitors Policy before you pay a visit to Our Foundation.
Visiting a children’s center is certainly a joy of a thing. The children are often delighted on seeing you, excited to play with you. We will be happy to have you in our campus, as we know that you can spread joy to them, your tangible presence can brighten a child’s day. However we have certain guidelines for you to be followed if you wish to pay a visit.

A VISITOR is defined as, any person seeking to enter our center/school building/office who is not an employee of Lovedale Foundation but a general public/donor.


Exceptions to Visitor Requirements :

Government Officials, Associated grant agencies, Medical professionals on routine visits, building maintenance workers, Associated corporate are exempted from restrictions.

Who are NOT eligible to visit?

  • Individuals with criminal track records.
  • Individuals who simply wants to spend time.
  • Those who suffer from chronic and contagious illness.
  • Nationalities who are denied entry by the Government of India

All visitors shall be requested to wear/submit an appropriate form of identification when visit Lovedale premises. Whenever possible, visitors should obtain authorization from the authority in advance. Visits may be prohibited at certain times such as class hours, special tuition period, study leaves etc. All school visitors must comply at all times with Lovedale policies, administrative rules and school regulations

Cancellation /Postponing the visit

we would highly appreciate if you could inform us on cancellation / postponing your visit against your prior confirmation.
Please call us on 9980156003 for intimation.


  • Do not yell / shout at children or among the visitors
    Do not consume alcohol in our premises
  • Do not smoke / litter in our campus
  • Do not use bad words or foul language
  • Do not ask children personal questions
  • Do not hug / kiss /carry children
  • Do not cry / break down with sympathy
  • Do not enter on restricted areas (Kitchen, Dormitories, kids toilets, bath, etc)
  • Do not take children on your two/four wheeler
  • Do not take them out of campus without permission.
  • Do not gift /bribe the staff
  • Do not give money/coins to kids
  • Do not give kids your mobile phones/laptops/cameras/cigarette lighter/Swiss knife etc to play
  • Visitors should be on respectful attires.
  • No photo/video shoot allowed without permission
  • Adults maintain absolute silence within the facility
  • All entertainment activities should be organized in playground or respective areas allotted by the facility manager.
  • Those who do not adhere to the rules would be asked to leave the center.


For more information feel free to write to us at